For MEKO, being an attractive employer means the ability to attract, retain and engage employees. We strive for strong commitment from our leaders and employees, which is fundamental for a pleasant workplace, satisfied customers and a good financial result.

Training and skills development

Competence development of our employees takes place continuously in the daily work and through internal and external training. Vehicle technology is developing rapidly with increased digitalization and alternative fuels such as electricity. Therefore, it is important that we ensure skills development for employees in the Group and in the affiliated workshops. We operate training academies in all Business Areas that offer a wide range of courses in workshop management and vehicle technology. In addition, we run our own secondary schools in four locations in Sweden together with the school operator Lärande i Sverige, and cooperate with secondary schools in our markets.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

MEKO’s work on diversity is based on the view that people’s differences contribute to an attractive and dynamic workplace. For us, diversity is about the value of differences in our employees when it comes to gender, ethnicity, age, education and experience. We strive for our workplaces to reflect the diversity of our customer groups and society in general. With employees and managers with varying experience and expertise, we have better possibilities of meeting the customers’ needs. A major challenge for us is to create an even gender distribution in a traditionally male industry. The proportion of women within MEKO is currently about 18 percent. A proportion we want to increase.

Working environment

We aim to create a physically and psycho-socially healthy and developing workplace for all employees, where risks of occupational injuries and work-related ill health are prevented. We work focused and systematically to improve our work environment, which i.a. means that we continuously evaluate risks, have developed routines to manage the risks and that incidents and accidents are reported.

MEKO Talent Program - Next generation trainee program

In February 2023 we launched MEKO Talent Program. The trainee program is an international leadership development program in which we combine core business work practice with practical and theoretical strategy and give the talent the opportunity to build an extensive international network with colleagues in Northern Europe. 

ProMeister Vehicle Program (upper secondary school)

In autumn 2017, MEKO took an initial step towards modernising the image of the automotive technician profession by starting its own upper-secondary education for prospective vehicle technicians. The programme is established in Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm and Örebro. The programme is being conducted in cooperation with the school actor Lärande i Sverige.

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