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Market-leading spare parts distributor in northern Europe

MEKO consists of the leading automotive spare-parts chains in the northern Europe, FTZ, Inter-Team, Koivunen, MECA, Mekonomen and Sørensen og Balchen, with proprietary wholesale operations, around 600 stores and 4,300 workshops operating under the Group brands. We offer a wide and easily accessible range of inexpensive and innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies.

MEKO is the largest player in Northern Europe in the vehicle aftermarket. We are present in eight markets with 600 stores and 20,000 workshop customers, where 4,300 workshops work under our own, strong brands. Overall, we have the industry's largest availability where we create significant value through our massive purchasing power and unbeatable logistics with highly efficient flows of goods. Few can match this strength – a strength that gives us a unique ability to create profitability.

MEKO's business is constantly growing. We grow organically and through carefully selected acquisitions - to expand geographically or to strengthen the position where we already are. For just over a decade, we have made strategic acquisitions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - and more markets await. We have extensive experience in refining and streamlining operations where they also become part of an optimal context and reach their full potential. Our acquisitions are a central part of our profitable growth.

MEKO's business model is well-proven and is based on the timeless need of mobility. There is always a demand for vehicles that work and make mobility possible. For half a century, MEKO has provided workshops, other companies and car owners with spare parts, repairs and service – in good times and bad. The business model is sustainably profitable with stable and strong cash flows. Even in deep economic downturns, we have proven our resilience with good profitability and dividends to shareholders.

MEKO drives the industry's transformation towards being more sustainable. An important part is that our affiliated workshops shall be number one in servicing and repairing electric cars – and we are a leader already today. We have the same comprehensive range of spare parts for electric cars as we have for cars with a combustion engine. During the necessary transition to a fossil-free car fleet, several different types of vehicles will need service for decades to come. MEKO's role is given: We enable mobility - today, tomorrow and in the future, regardless of the technology in the cars.

The need for mobility is constant and the car is undeniably number one when we choose a means of transport. But the world evolves and along with it, so do our habits. MEKO is a leader in developing services to meet and create new needs. As an example, we successfully accelerate the service business for all car owners - company cars as well as privately owned. We offer digital booking options, service subscriptions and constantly develop new services - all to make it easy and attractive to be a customer physically and via digital platforms. We enter into partnerships with, for example, electric car manufacturers and other companies that complement our business with the clear goal of constantly improving the offer to our customers. This is how we create sustainable growth.

We know your car

MEKO’s workshops are covered by the EU group exemption which give car owners the right to choose workshop for service and repairs. The work is always done in accordance with the car manufacturers' specifications which means retained new car guarantees, warranty on work and spare parts and you get a valid service book stamp. We buy spare parts from the same suppliers that deliver to the car manufacturers and have access to the car manufacturers’ special tools and the latest software updates to be able to take care of your car in the right way.

MEKO in brief
President and CEO:

Pehr Oscarson

Chairman of the board:

Dominick Zarcone


We enable mobility – today, tomorrow and in the future.

The share:

The share has been listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm (MEKO), since May 29, 2000

Revenue 2023:

SEK 16,762 M

This is MEKO

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